Monday, August 10, 2009

Too broke for a spa trip…Aveda Caribbean Therapy to the rescue.

I recently went to the Aveda store next to the Spanish Steps.

When I first moved to L.A. I used to receive gift certificates to Burke Williams Spa for my birthday/Christmas all the time.

I went to the one in West Hollywood. However, the prices kept going up and I found it too crowded.

A friend who was a writer on Will & Grace told me to try a masseuse at the Four Seasons her fellow writers loved.

Since I was not a writer on one of the top five shows on television, I thought she was tripping.

In fact, it was only a few dollars more than the same massage at BW. After receiving a gift certificate for massage at the Four Seasons, I never looked back. Quiet, clean and with a kick butt massage it was the perfect stress reliever.

Last week friend was in town after visiting the Amalfi Coast and went to the spa at Hotel de Russie. She said it was excellent.

Well a spa day for me will be in my apartment. I’m thinking about doing it this Saturday when everyone I know will be gone for Ferragosto. I’m also going to try and not work all day. A day at the spa does not include working. Kind of defeats the purpose.

I love this product from Aveda. It, along with Origin’s Ginger Scrub, are excellent exfoliators. They also smell fantastic.

You have to stir it up before using and the tub gets slippery so take extra care getting out.

I haven’t finalized the “menu” for my spa day. I'm going to make bruschetta and something light. I assume it will still be too hot to cook.

Have you ever done a “spa day” at home? What did you do (or didn't do..i.e. work, cleaning etc.)?


Simone said...

If you ever make your way to New York for a frugal Therapy experience try the Russian & Turkish Baths on E 10th St. Most of Wednesday is lady's day and the prices are extremely reasonable. Not as serene or as pretty as most spat but the entrance $30 (includes steam room, lockerts and basics) + platza oak leaf treatment($35) + dead sea scrub ($45)and a massage ($45-$75) still costs you less than most spas! Until then Home Spa can be great-you just need to get someone else to do the rubbing and scrubbing and close your eyes!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It's not so much as a spa day as doing staycations, some of which have involved this sort of thing.

Make sure the computer is locked away! Talking about defeating the purpose. ;-) It's just too tempting to get on and check, and then respond, and then think about what you *should* be doing.

For me, it includes sitting out in sunshine, cool drink in hand, long tubs, reading, a good nap - fresh sheets! That scrub sounds amazing. A dinner of wine, cheese and fruit.

Lola said...

What a great idea, a Roman spa day at home! I have to get me some of that Aveda stuff...

I've done spa-afternoons in winter only, involving bath salts and scrubs used with profuse abandon, facial mud masks, henna hair packs and the luxury of having PINA come over and do a fantastic mani/pedi AT HOME for €15 total. Unfortunately, she's away on vacation at the moment, otherwise I would have sent you her cell no.

Spa days should NEVER involve work, chores, weight-lifting, stair-climbing, or baking. Bruschetta and perhaps a cold soup like vichyssoise. Oh, and I suggest you switch laptop and cell phone OFF.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

simone - thanks for the suggestion. I hope to make it back to NYC next year.

jen - See I know the computer is going to be my downfall. I must use it to work. After I finish, I say okay let me quickly check emails. Next thing I know, I've been on the Internet for hours.

lola - A cold soup sounds perfect. I think I should get some magazines too.

I have a great mani/pedi person at Nail Bar and will see her before they close for the summer using some of the b-day money my parents were very sweet to send early. I haven't had one in months and can't wear any open shoes in public until this situation is take care of. :)

WineGrrl said...

I go to the HanKook Spa on Olympic Bl. Once you get used to the nudity, it is quite a pleasant place.

J,Doe said...

I remember in Ca where I actually went to a spa in Hot Springs, Ca. How relaxing it was.... Now that I'm married with a young child just taking a shower with shampoo AND conditioner is a relaxing 'spa' moment for me.
A spa day at home? I used to like soaking in a warm tub filled with bubbles while reading a book or magazine that I didn't mind if the pages got wet. Whatever you end up doing, just enjoy it.

Linda of Ice Tea For Me said...

I have not done a home spa day but it sounds like a great idea.

Definately no work or it won't seem like a splurge. A day that includes books, movies, wine, and a nap is always relaxing. Make sure to treat your feet to a mini-pedi and some polish for the toes. Then they'll be ready for the sandals I'm sure you're wearing in Roma.

My girlfriend gave me a tip to do since I live where it gets hot. Put your favorite body spray in the refrigerator to get cold and take it into the shower when needed. A VERY cool and refreshing way to end a shower on a hot summer day.

Have fun!!

erin :: the olive notes said...

this sounds like an absolutely lovely idea! I do have those days every now and then (bubble baths, lots of self pampering i.e: nails, hair, masks, etc) and a good book!

Anonymous said...

Great idea.

I like to do a home spa day too. I get plain white sugar and add the essential oil of my choice with bit of coconut oil. It makes a lovely scrub in the shower My Dad got me this nifty water foot massage tub so it makes a great pre-soak for a pedicure. Fruit like stawberries, mango or lemon mashed with honey is good for a facial mask. (tastes good too)

Relax and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Are essential oils easy to get in Italy? I always feel very "spa-zen" when I make up a concoction with either Rosemary or Eucalyptus essential oil - the Rosemary is great to mix in some jojoba or sesame oil for a good rubdown and I mix the Eucalyptus in a water-based mister (and it also makes a decent massage oil when mixed with jojoba - for tired, sore muscles) and just create a nice environment with lovely candles and a nice fluffy bathrobe - yeah, I'm too broke for spas but once in a while I visit Aveda's training schools for a little haircut and wash (very inexpensive).

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

winegrrl - Thanks for the tip. I'll write that down for when I make it back to L.A.

j. doe - Ha. My sister-in-law says the same thing. After only spending a weekend with my nephews I'm wiped out. I don't know how she doesn't it. They 2 & 5) have a lot of energy. It's too hot for a bath but once the weather drops I am so looking forward to sitting in my tub with a good magazine.

linda - I keep my perfume in the fridge. I should also buy some of that Evian spray.

erin - aren't those days the best? I really appreciate them since they are so rare.

ms. violetta - grazie. I have this great face scrub from Origins that I bought with me. It's mild and smell yummy.

anon - I haven't looked for them but I assume they are easy to find. Especially something like rosemary which grows like crazy here. great suggestions.