Monday, August 03, 2009

"Let me tell you about a couple of three things." Phil Leotardo

A favorite quote from the SOPRANOS.

Today my parents have been married for 46 years. That's a long time.

German blogger Andre Wegner asked me some questions. The answers (in English) are HERE. Grazie Andre.

It's still hot.

I need to wear wrap dresses more often. Went a small party Saturday night. Didn't get home till late. It was a GREAT party. I tried to speak Italian but everyone knew English. They were being polite by speaking in English but I asked them to switch to Italian. I will never become fluent if all the Italians in my life speak to me in English. I met some amazing new people. Too bad everyone is leaving for the summer. First time I wore the dress since buying it at a boutique on Larchmont (L.A.) two years ago. I think the dress might be magical. I will wear it again.

Yesterday I had breakfast with one of my closest L.A. friends. She 's traveling in Italy with friends who are celebrating a big birthday. She said she can't believe I actually live here. Sometimes I don't believe it either. She brought presents: ESSENCE magazine with fine ass Idris Elba on the cover, the latest issue of American ELLE DECOR magazine, enough Crest toothpaste to last until 2011, manila file folders and Sudifed among other things.

I strongly dislike Glenn Beck.

I might have to hijack this truck. I cannot find the Rustica chips anywhere. That's a problem.


regina di roma said...

I adore Phil Leotardo, so deliciously angry...I too got a package from home today, and it got me thinking about
condoms in Italy...

Simone said...

When you find the 3 wheeled blue mini-truck that I followed around Rome during my stay it may replace your desire for this large truck, though the goodies will have to be moved to it's back storage

J.Doe said...

That's so funny about wanting to Hijack the San Carlo truck for the chips. A few years ago in NJ I used to see a Drakes Cake truck every morning and wanted to hijack that. (I didn't though)
Congrats to your parents. 46 years is a long time.
Hope you go to more parties and get plenty of use out of your dress.

Kim B. said...

Happy anniversary to your parents.

Sounds like a GREAT weekend, fun fun!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congrats to your folks and glad you had such a wonderful time this weekend.

LuLu said...

I love magical dresses!! :)

Happy Anniversary to your parents!!!

katerinafiore said...

Congrats to your parents!!

Dresses ARE always magical, I find :)

Anonymous said...

PS- Rustica sighting at the Standa on Viale Trastevere!!! Hurry, there were only 5 bags left :)


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

regina - why are you thinking about condoms? ha great post.

simone - seriously I see this truck all the time and I'm tempted to hop inside. However the police standing by the French Embassy with machine guns makes me change my mind every time.

j. doe - grazie. Oh how I love Drakes cakes. For some reason the same company sells different brands out west. I used to love those apple "pies". I can only imagine what kind of preservatives were in those things. But they were so yummy.

kimb - it was.

jen - gratzie.

lulu - I need to find some more. ha.

katerina - I have been wearing more dresses since the move. Not sure why I didn't wear them more often back in L.A.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

romerican - you are too funny!! Are they the big bags, 180 grams, or the little ones? I see the snack size ones but I must have the bigger ones.

Anonymous said...

180 Gs my friend, the real deal!!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

romerican - grazie mille!!

Shannon said...

Omg, I live in Hancock Park and go to Larchmont all the time! I love your blog; I lived in Rome for 4 months and your blog helps keep the memories alive :) And I especially appreciate your comments on the differences between LA and Roma- so funny! All the best


Los Angelista said...

Oh how fabulous for your parents! Congratulations to them!

I drove by Larchmont today thinking it had been a minute since I hung out there. Maybe I'll go and find a fabulous dress... although you are right, I never wear dresses here in LA!

Anonymous said...

Please also add to the "strongly dislke" list the following gas bags, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs and most everyone else associated with "Faux" News.
Congratulations on the magical dress, I love your blog.

Dar said...

Mmm, San Carlo, i love the curls.

So what's the story behind 46 years?

Moscerina said...

umm funny how dar likes San Carlo cheese curls too. . .

say not a word of this.

Petulia said...

I am obsessed with Idris Elba

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

shannon - grazie. My office was on Larchmont so I spent a lot of time on the "boulevard". Right when I was leaving a cupcake place was opening.

los angelista - thank you. I don't know why I didn't wear more dresses in L.A. They are so comfortable and stylish.

anon - Grazie. Sean Hannity and Michele Malkin are the worst. I have never seen Lou Dobbs (I think he's on CNN) and Bill O'Reilly I remember from his local NYC days. He doesn't bother me as much. I find his show hilarious.

moscerina - Ha. Not sure what the secret is for 46 years. They dated for a while before that so they have known each other for a looooooong time.

petulia - I so understand.

Moscerina said...

Have you seen the San Carlo photo shoot?

Dixis, Due Palle, love 'em!

Valerie said...

That's so weird, we started noticing a Rustica shortage right before we left. Those are the best chips in Italy so we didn't understand why they were becoming rather scarce. We could normally find them at Cityper. On an upnote, we found some great popcorn down south, that actually popped well and didn't taste spongey! Too bad the bags were so darn little.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

moscerina - I have spent too much time on that website. ha

valerie - crises averted...I found some chips.