Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My photos from President Obama's arrival in Italy.

Thanks to my favorite sister in the world, I was able to see Air Force One land. I was up crazy early this morning as we (the advance lead and press staffer on the ground) had to leave the Center at 6:00 a.m.

I stood with the Italian press and waited for the plane.

I'm not the most rah, rah, rah, America is the GREATEST country on the planet person. As a first generation black American I'm conflicted about my home country. I'm proud to be American and will defend it to non-Americans who trash it (especially if they have never visited or lived there), but there's a reason I don't live there anymore.

Yet seeing Air Force One with the big letters UNITED STATES OF AMERICA written on the side, I got chills. I kinda wanted to break out with the team song from this movie:

I know the song is mocking all our over the top Michael Bayish, AMERICA, F**K YEAH! movies and attitude. However, you have to admit we do "big" well.

I must see the First Lady's dress close up.


Later the "Wee Michelles" exited with their grandmother. Their lives must be so surreal.

The First Couple's helicopter. AF1 (and other country's planes) are too big for the the other military base (Urbe) so they along with senior staff had to transfer via helicopters. Russia's presidential plane landed shortly after.


Jessica said...

This is amazing! You are so lucky....I wish I got to get a peek at them while they are in town. Thanks for sharing.

Petulia said...

awesome! I am not American and yet, I get excited just thinking about the fact that they are in town!

Kim B. said...

Good for the Gibber! So cool that you got to be there for that.

I my previous life here (in Paris), I worked in our Embassy here. The bookshop where I work now is just a few blocks from the Embassy and the Ambassador's residence.

When the Obamas were here for D-Day, they did a meet and greet with Embassy employees, American and French. later that morning, one of my French former colleagues came to the bookstore, her camera in hand, to show me the pics of the President as he worked his way down the rope line shaking hands etc. She was *so excited* to have gotten to meet him and she wanted to share it with me. That made me pretty proud (and jealous!). It was a good feeling.

Did you see the FT article about the reporters seeing a temporary basketball hoop that the Italians had put up for Obama -- seriously the security folks there deleted the digital photos they took of the hoop, so ridic.

Anyway-- what a cool experience for you!!!

Annie said...

I am feeling pretty proud to be an American today too;-) Actually everyday or else I wouldn't wear my helmet. It is who we are and I have never felt more American until I moved to Rome.

Fashion sidebar - I love our First Lady Michelle's style. The yellow is FAB!!

erin :: the olive notes said...

whoa! That's crazy you were able to go and see that. Anything with them always seems so grand

J.Doe said...

That's so cool that you got to see them.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

So amazingly cool. I don't think there's ever been a president that I have wanted to see up close, or felt awe about, with the exception of President Obama.

glamah16 said...

How lucky you were to have that hook up. I know you swelled with pride. Its been that type of few days, year even.

GigiSxm said...

how cool!!!
And the USA do know how to do 'big' well

gibber said...

Anything for my favorite sister! (ahem...she's my ONLY sister)



nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jessica - I hope they return for a longer trip. A friend saw the First Lady in a car yesterday.

Petulia - It is exciting (except for those who needed to drive. Traffic is crazy)

kimb - No I didn't see the article. This trip is so short not sure if he time to do anything fun.

annie - I know what you mean and yes that color is fab.

erin - it was worth getting up at 4:30 a.m. :)

j. doe - it was a fun morning. Good thing we were right by the ocean. It was hot.

jen - I work on Clinton's campaign and he had/has that same kind of charisma Obama has. I've never seen Bush 2 up close but did hear one on one he's quite charming. Cheney apparently is not. Why am I not surprised?

glamah - I was very relieved not to see Palin getting off that plane. Why is she even thinking of running 2012 is beyond me.

gigisxm - example #1 ... The half-time show during The Superbowl.

gibber - thanks schwoopie.

michelle | bleeding espresso said...

So cool! And well-written as well; it's not easy to describe mixed emotions, but you did it perfectly :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

grazie michelle!

Diana Strinati Baur said...

You've been busy girlfriend!! That is too cool.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

diana - it was cool and yes I've been busy. I need a vacation stat.

Deika Elmi said...

Revisiting your blog after a few months, I get the urge to post a comment on almost every post.
We have so much in common! I am a first generation african american, I'm african and I was born & raised in the US.
What a thrilling experience it must have been, watching our President land in Rome on AF1!! I went back home for 3 months in 2008 to campaign for Obama, what a thrill it was on Nov 5th..I was inivted to the inauguration, couldn't make it. So thrilling, I left home in part due to everthing that was going on, the War, Bush, Cheney...DC was unbearable after 9/11...Its a new day :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Deika - thanks for visiting my blog!! It was a pretty cool day.