Monday, July 06, 2009

Creepy fountain on Via Flaminia and some J.S. Bach

One thing I love about living here is bumping into random things.

I've passed the fountain on Via Flamina, pictured below, several times but only during the day.

One night I was walking on that street on my way to meet some friends. At night it looks completely different. Ominous. Something about the lighting reminded me of the following:

My sister used to play this song. Johann Sebastian Bach is one of my favorites artists. This is one of his most famous organ pieces.

When my family moved to the 'burbs we went to the local Methodist church. It was not, as Caribbean folks say, a "clap hands church". We heard more classical music than gospel.

Actually, trying to picture our small choir singing gospel is funny.

I wonder what this says.

I could see the late Vincent Prince sitting on the edge and reading some Edgar Allan Poe.


Valerie said...

Wow it is creepy at night! I've also only seen it during the day and had no idea it would look so monstrous in the dark! Thanks for the cool photos.

Gibber said...

Ha! You are giving me too much credit. I could never really master this's HARD. And I never got good at the foot pedals on the organ...something that's crucial to this song.

The visualization thing on the you tube clip is cool.

*sigh*. the amount of knowledge i've lost on the piano is staggering.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm laughing at Gibber's response to you, because Toccata and Fugue in D Minor was the piece that single-handedly made me quit piano, realizing I'd always stink. It IS hard. I tried for six months and gave up.

And I agree, given your pictures, this is the perfect piece to accompany that fountain.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Um... not sure I was clear here. I was NOT laughing at Gibber - Gibber, if you even partially mastered this, my hat is off to you (if I wore hats).

It was more your response, cause yes, that sucker is SO hard!

Stekkino said...

The inscription reads "philippus columna paliani dux mag neapol regni comestabilis". Philippus Columna Paliani being the mane of the duke (dux) who reigned in Naples(Neapol)(Naples Reign being more extended of course). MAG(nus) COMESTABILIS is a title also i think..anyway to find out more we should do some researches i guess...
thanks for the souvenirs and the nightmares i had during art history classes..ahahahaha...


Hi there!

I absolutely LOOOOVE it!

Peace, blessigns and DUNAMIS!

Gibber said...

Hahaha. I hear ya Jen. It's like when people talk about the Rach 3...I understand why dude went crazy trying to perfect that song (as played brilliatly by Geoffry Rush in "Shine"). IT"S HARD! Starts of easy enough and then gets bananas :)

BTW, if I was a young kid and saw this fountain at nite I'd have nightmares forEVER.

Moscerina said...

In laymen's terms, and as per The Professor,

Phillipus Columna Paliani Dux
MagNeapol Regni Comestabilis

Filippo II, of the Colonna Family, Duke of Paliano, Grand Constable, Kingdom of Naples

He's a badass.
And so is the Professor-- follow him @SaveRome


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

valerie - you're welcome!

gibber - at least you can still read music. This piece is hard. Just looking at the sheet music gave me a headache. Forget about the Rach 3.

jen - you tried for six months? you are braver than I. I think I gave up after a week.

stekkino - grazie.

lisa - ciao, thanks for stopping by.

moserina - thank you. So he was part of the infamous Colonna family? Fascinating. I wonder if there are any descendants or did they die out like the Medici.

Angie said...

Is this near Villa Giulia (Fontana di Papa Giulio III)? I have not seen this yet so thanks for the info! I'll be sure to go at night.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

angie - I don't know. It's several blocks north of Piazza del Popolo on Via Flaminia.