Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday – Whatever happened to Maxwell?

I was listening to him the other day. I can't believe it's been over ten years since his first album dropped.

He went from playing a small industry mixer at the Supper Club to selling out three nights at Radio City Music Hall in within one year.

Stuart Matthewman who was in Sade's band produced several of the tracks. Maxwell was great in concert. Had charisma for days. Then six years ago or so, nothing. He disappeared.

My first week working at Sony Music in NYC I was on the elevator with a very handsome man. It was Maxwell and he was on his way to meet with Donnie Ienner (former head of Columbia Records). My coworkers and I were at that Supper Club show and it was amazing. Usually industry people are so cynical and rude, never listening to the artist. But that night everyone stop talking. We knew we were seeing someone special.

His rendition of Kate Bush's "Woman's Work" is just beautiful.

According to this clip he has a new album coming out soon. I miss the 'fro but look forward to hearing it. I'm curious to see how he will do in this current music climate.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

"Till the cops come knocking" this day, the best let's get down and dirty song. Just thinking about that song gives me chills.

I miss Maxwell. Remember when he worked at Coffee Shop? I miss Coffee Shop too!


Skywalker said...

Between him and Lauren Hill...the phenom cultural geniuses of the late 90s fizzled out faster than the Spice Girls' careers (collectively and individually). Don't you hate it when you see a famous person and you don't realize they are famous until its too late? Glad you got to hear him.

Gypsygirl said...

OOOh yeah! I agree, I miss the 'fro, but he is still as delicious as he was back then. I am glad he is back. Seeing that reminds me of the move "Love Jones", one of his tracks is in that movie.. I love that movie...

SDG said...

He toured the country last year in the Fall/Winter. I missed him at Radio City. I believe there are also some clips on you tube from a series of concerts he did in Amsterdam last year.

Anonymous said... I love his sound....tonight I'll listen to his old CD. Thanks for this post!

Black Travel said...

Whenever, wherever, whatever...

I can still see him standing in front of that orchestra CROONING his heart out.

Yeah, he's long overdue. Let's hope he's still got it.

Tracie B. said...

i always loved his falsetto. sad about the afro, but i guess he has to come back a little different! will be fun to see what he has to say

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - I miss the Coffee Shop too. Great turkey burgers and fries. I used to love "till the cops" but now it just makes me sad. haha

skywalker - Ms. Hill needs to come back. I read a long article about her and I still don't understand what happened. Her first album is a classic.

gypsygirl - I agree. Maxwell 'fro less is still looking fione.

sdg - thanks! I will have to check them out.

black travel - that song is one of my favorite Maxwell tracks.

tracie b - It seems many of us are bummed out about the 'fro. ha.

Jill said...

Thanks so much for this, I have always loved Maxwell and wondered what happened to him. Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite is one of my favorite CDs of all time. I miss the hair too but I can't wait to hear the new music. Have a great week.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jill - you're welcome. hope you have a good week too.

glamah16 said...

Love Womens Work. He lloks diffrent. The hair.