Friday, April 03, 2009

Flashback Friday – Adele - "Chasing Pavements"

This is the song that was playing non-stop when I first moved here. I loved it the first 1000 times I heard it then I thought if I hear this song one more time I will chase the DJ and break the CD.

However, after not hearing it for months, this song has found itself in heavy rotation on my iPod. I remembered why I loved it the very first time I heard it.

There is a nice profile on Adele in this month's American Vogue. She wrote the song after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

Beautiful song by a woman with a beautiful voice. It will always remind me of Spring in Rome.

Have a great weekend!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I ADORE this song - I learned about it from another European blogger - someone in Germany, I believe.

I think Adele is amazing, and I sure wish she'd get more rotation here.

Skywalker said...

It goes to show how late I am truly becoming with music. I saw Adele at the Grammys and immediately downloaded her songs. Good.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE this song.


erynchandler said...

i am listening to "Hometown Glory" RIGHT NOW. lol we had the album on while cleaning the house this morn!

i heart her.

C.T. said...

Ooohhh Yeahhh Great song! Thx for reminding me.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ciao tutti, glad to see all the Adele love.

I think she won the Grammy for best new artist.

Moi said...

Great song! It hasn't been out as long here either.

glamah16 said...

Its a grogeous song. I never tire of it.