Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day!

Good luck to voters Stateside.

The lines for early voting have been very long...it took some people 4-6 hours to vote. Wow.

Our next President will have many problems on his plate. Most of them will not be solved in one decade let alone one term.

Living abroad you really see how the image of America took a beating after GWB squandered all the post 9/11 good will. I just saw on the news that the war in Iraq could cost over 1.5 TRILLION dollars. Bin Laden is still chilling after two wars with countless killed.

The economy is in the toilet, education is a mess, the infrastructure needs repairs and voters are angry. Maybe we'll have less posturing and the Congress (who's approval ratings are just as bad as Bush's) will try to work together with the White House on these issues instead of running around talking about nonsense (i.e. flag pins). If not, many will find their butts thrown out of office during the next mid-term elections. The majority of voters are in no mood for shenanigans.

A change is going to come and it starts tomorrow.


Gil said...

I only hope and pray that Obama wins by a landslide! I hope that your ballot made it there in time to be counted.

Beatriz Macias said...

It all starts tomorrow... hope ahead.

girasoli said...

GO OBAMA!!!! Turn the country BLUE!!!!

My Mélange said...

Oh yes we can!!! I love that last picture!!!

As a good sign the tiny town of Dixville Notch, NH- who gets the honor of voting first at 12am election-hasn't gone for a Dem since 1968. They voted this am Obama 15, McCain 6!!!!

Lets get this done!!!

gypsygirl said...

I am honored to have cast my first vote as an American citizen for Barak Obama. This man has inspired me to believe that America could once again achieve the image of being "The Place" to dream of going to achieve good things. I am from the West Indies and NYC, you know how we used to feel about America back in the day. God willing, he will get the opportunity to lead us to a brighter future. My thoughts and prayers are with him especially since his grandmother did not make it to see her shining star make history.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gil - I hope so too but I'll take a close win as well. :) Yes I sent in my ballot weeks ago.

beatriz - fingers crossed.

giasoli - there are some states that have been Red for years that might turn Blue...incredible.

my melange - I saw that on the news this morning. Yeah. The emotion in the last pic is touching.

gypsygirl - Congrats on voting as an American citizen for the first time. I hear you about the West Indies vs. America thing. God know how many dinners I sat through hearing my relatives go off. When I would remind them that me and my siblings were American they would say "No, you are not!!) Priceless.

erin :: the olive notes said...

maybe that should have been the slogan all along:
"no mood for shenanigans"! :)

gibber said...


Anonymous said...

My family and I voted here in Virginia last week!
Today is November 4th and I love the energy in the air! People are smiling and saying out loud "I voted, did you?"
Love being back in the States. Don't let the media scare you or upset you, there just doing their job: scaring and upsetting people.

I'm more hopeful than ever and I'm not alone in this.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - ha!! it's one of my favorite words...it's so Caribbean.

gibber - that is very mavericky of you. :)

felicia - A lot of journalists will be going through withdrawal tomorrow. Glad to hear about the great energy in the air. Virginia is one of those Red states that could turn Blue. I don't know if I can sleep tonight!

glamah16 said...

This is such an exciting time. Even more so being in Chicago. Its so hard to focus today. The next president will have the weight of world literally on his shoulders.

sdg1844 said...

I voted and I have the biggest smile on my face today. It's a lovely Fall day here in San Francisco. The sun is shining, the air is crisp and we have a chance to do the right thing.

Go Obama!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

glamah16 - I can't even imagine the parties that will be going on in Chicago if Obama wins.

sdg1844 - I think the results will start coming in at 3:00 a.m. my time. Yes we can.

Petulia said...

I cannot believe tomorrow we will wake up to a different world. I am Italian but still so excited about this wonderful opportunity for the world! Go Obama!

sdg1844 said...

We did it and he won! President elect Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama! I can't stop smiling.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

petulia - woot!

sdg1844 - neither can I.

Faith said...

OMG I am in a coma I am soooo happy!!!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

faith - ha.