Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday – Rocky Horror Picture Show - "Let's Do The Time Warp"

When I was in college one of our friends played the lead in the VPA (School of the Visual Arts) production. Our entire dorm floor went to support her.

It was my first "experience" with this show and we all had a great time.

The movie is a cult classic. I don't think it should be remade.

Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.


Petulia said...

Wow, this does bring me back to the days of my year in Minnesota. Can you imagine the culture shock when they took me to see this movie? Anyway, I hope you have a costume for today :-)
Happy Halloween

LuLu said...

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show...from beginning to end...only bits and parts.

J.Doe said...

Is today Halloween? Is it Friday? Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) makes one lose track of time! That sucks. Although to be honest I probably would have figured the Halloween part out when some litle costumed kids come knocking at my door.
Well, have a happy Halloween and a nice weekend.

Felicia said...

Hey you! I just voted! I'm so happy!

It's funny that you should mention this movie. They actually played this on a local channel here last night. Brought back memories!

Happy Halloween!
Felicia of This Time in Seoul

glamah16 said...

I love young Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry in this.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

No, it really, really can't be remade. Did you ever see it when it was playing weekends at the Orpheus on Bway and like... 100th? I used to go a lot. I'm embarrassed to say this now, but there was always a side entrance propped open, and those "in the know" would go in and do the costume thing and throw our pieces of toast, etc., etc.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

petulia - that must have been some experience. I didn't dress up Halloween. Instead I went to a dinner at a friends house.

lulu - don't be embarrassed. :) I was in college before I saw the whole thing.

j. doe - ha. I bet your days must fly by. Hope you had a great weekend.

felicia - rock that vote. I cannot believe tomorrow is election day!

glamah16 - so do I.

jen - I agree, why a remake?

I never saw it in a movie theatre but did have a great time at the live show and have seen it on TV. Audience participation is always fun.

Faith said...

I used to go to the 8th Street Playhouse in NYC for the Friday midnight show all the time. By that time popcorn was banned from being thrown at the screen but we still had the show. It was great.

Amy said...

Found your blog via NewWorldYankee and saw that you wrote something about Rocky Horror... I've never seen it but I am planning on going to a show this weekend. Hope you had a happy Halloween!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

faith - that sounds like such a good time.

amy - thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the movie.