Monday, October 27, 2008

Ciao, Mr. Bus Drive who looks like Daniel Day Lewis. I've missed my stop.

Was there a time change this weekend in Italy? My computer and TV had a different time than my watch and I was had no idea. Good thing I double checked or I would have been an hour early for an appointment.

Yesterday was another glorious day so I decided to talk a walk on the Appia Antica. The walk to and from my apartment takes over four hours so I was going to take a bus from the Circus Maximus to what I thought was where the old road began.

I didn't realize there were only three stops on Via Appia and ended up being on the bus to the end of the line. Doh!

In my butchered Italian I asked if I could stay on the bus for the return trip and which stop should I get off at?

He answered. I had no idea what the heck he said.

After people got on the bus and his cigarette break, he said , "I tell you stop. Okay?" And he did.

There were a lot of people out. Families on bikes, groups of serious bikers, joggers, and a few horse back riders. It's such a beautiful place. It reminds of the road to my parents place in St. Martin. It hard to believe you are only a few miles away from the center.

This weekend was my first weekend "off" in months. I have turned in the last two rewrites and I'm waiting for feedback. I have already started to do character breakdowns for spec script number 3 but still working on the plot.

Tomorrow it's back to work. I have to keep writing so I don't lose my mojo. God knows when it would come back.


Megan in Liguria said...

Ciao Bella - You've been tagged by me! :)

glamah16 said...

At least its beautiful weather there. Here its cold and may snow!

gibber said...

no pictures of the bus driver? boo!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

megan - ciao bella I'll stop by your blog.

glamah16 - Snow? After 10 years in L.A. I don't even remember what that is. ha. I went to college in a place where it snowed once during May.

gibber -

'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Daniel Day Lewis you say...Now where did I put my bus pass!

Sounds like your keeping busy over there in the big Citta. amanda

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Yeah for weekends off *and* writing mojo *and* bus drivers that look like Daniel Day Lewis! All sounds great to me :)

Los Angelista said...

How nice of him to tell you where to get off. Bus drivers here in LA rarely want to do that! :)

bren@flanboyanteats said...

okay so i just read the post from bottom up and then got excited when i realized i've seen that same sign and walked down via appia!. how freakin great that u just reminded me of my trip to Italia.
good luck with the writing. i so know how it gets.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

amanda - he was bello. ha

michelle - I may have spoken to soon. It's seems my writing mojo was more like "no go" . sigh.

los angelista - really? I know their jobs are tough but come on.

bren - isn't it such a great walk? You do feel like you are out in the country.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

He sounds very bello indeed. ;-)

And how wise of you to write and write and write.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - even when I don't feel like it, I try to write every day.

NewWrldYankee said...

I've so done that before - taken the bus to the end of the line, and ask to turn around and come back. And not just in foreign countries - Oops...

The writing mojo I get. If I am a good streak, I take advantage and write a ton that day. Good Luck to you! Hope your streak continues. =)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

nwy - thank you.