Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You've got mail and a police officer at your door.

First the policeman. Usually one does not want to be visited by the cops. However I was happy because it meant I was one step closer to getting my residency. Here in Italy when you apply for it (E.U. citizens must do it within 90 days of arrival) the police come to your house to make sure you are actually living where you say you are. They ask a couple of questions then send the paperwork to Comune (city hall).

They had stopped by two Saturdays in a row while I was out running errands. Third time was a charm. An officer came by on a Friday afternoon. He was very nice. Said my Italian was fantastic for only being in the country for a few months. It’s not great but I was able to communicate and understand him because he was kind enough to speak slower. I showed him my rental contract and my passport. He went down his list of questions. One was if I was married. When I said no, he put his pen down and said “No! Ma dia. Perchè?” (No. Come on..why?). His reaction cracked me up. He told me not to worry soon it will happen. Okay thank you Mr. Policeman I’m not even dating but I’ll keep hope alive. I actually don’t need to be married. A date alone would be a miraculous event.

Second, I love getting mail (not bills of course). Imagine my surprise when I received two packages from the States in two days. Thanks Jen in NJ and Rob. I had a lot of good stuff to read. I’m trying hard not to eat all the candy in one week.


Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

Our police officer was a woman, make it two women, and my husband was by himself, he was nervous with all the authority, the uniform, etc... he did not even offer them water! Maybe that is the reason he has not received his residency yet!

bleeding espresso said...

What a nice police officer you had there! Did he also tell you how young you are? I love how young is basically up to 60 here ;)

And is that McCain I see peeking out at me? I hope that's not too scary to read ;)

joanne at frutto della passione said...

Don't you just love how flirty people are when you least expect it? When I had my residency visit here in Milan I was 8 months pregnant and the guy told me that is just made me more beautiful than before. Yeah, I fell for it.

Milanese Masala said...

Yeah, Italian police officers can really put on the charm when they want to.
Hey, I have a couple of single friends here in Milan if you want to be set up. Let me know and I'll start scheming, heh heh!

erin :: the olive notes said...

2 posts in a row with Swedish Fish!!!

Wow, that seems fast for the residency process to be flowing! That's great.

glamah16 said...

Big diffrence from our police!Anyway you were doing so good until that trip to Ikea,and now this.Stay away from the Swedish Fish! I thought about you and have decoded to walk around the candy drawer in the office and not give in for a few months. Ever since I found that candy drawer its been a doun hill climb.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

beatriz -ha! I didn't offer water either. Should I be concerned?

bleeding espresso - I like how under 60 is young as well. Yes that is Mr. McCain. It was a really interesting article about how his experiences in Vietnam shaped his views on the Iraq war.

joanne - that is sweat. You were probably glowing.

milanese - Thanks for the offer. Are any of them sexy/ugly? You know how I roll haha. I am going to email Joanne.

erin - it kinda like christmas over here with the fish. I'm not sure what the next step is for my residency is. I'm going to look up the info.

glamah16 - I need to reign it in. I have eaten way too much candy in the last 48 hours.

Rose in Cali said...

Go get your flirt on! You may never know; a date can be just around the corner.
And at least we know your mail works.

Eryn said...

so you got swedish fish at ikea and in the mail.....lucky girl.

glad everything is going smoothly!

knock on wood*

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

So, was the policeman cute? Ooooo.... packages from home - how fun!

ninety9 said...

Sounds like things are coming together for you, congrats! I always find the marriage q&a very interesting (no matter the context). Why marry some yahoo just so that you can be married at an earlier age? Wait for the right dude who can appreciate you for who you are. Maybe he was gettin' his flirt on? Was he interesting?

Anonymous said...

HA, you should have gotten his contact information. It's always good to have connections just in case you're ever in a bind with the PO PO. LOL Thanks for making me laugh today.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

joanne - of course I meant to say that is sweet. boh

rose in cali - yes I was very please to see everything arrived in one piece. I don't know why someone would steal candy but you never know.

eryn - knock on wood indeed. :)

jen - while he was charming, he was married and older.

ninety9 - I agree. I don't feel the same amount of pressure here though. The officer had to ask to see how many people live here. I don't think he was flirting like how we mean it in the States. I have to write a post about the whole gender interaction thing at some point.

Ms. ATL - ha, ha . You are right. I should have gotten his info. I haven't heard the phrase Po Po since I left L.A.

Valerie said...

You're well on your way, and relatively quickly by Italian burocrazia standards, too! When our police officer showed up it was a rainy period and I had le mutandine drying on the embarrassing!

wordtryst said...

The policeman sounds charming! And I do love getting mail - even when it's just a bunch of catalogues. Bills, not so much.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

valerie - I know what you mean. I actually apologized for the mess (I was still unpacking) as if he would care. ha

wordtryst - I'm with you on the bill front. Me no like.

Jen in NJ said...

So glad you liked the articles! It's good to have more insight on McCain's stance on Iraq since that will no doubt be a big aspect of his campaign. I wonder if/how his belief in 'hearts and minds' extends to Darfur?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen in nj - yes I did. Grazie again!! To be honest I'm not sure what McCain believes now. He seems to be all over the map as he tried to solidify his base. November is going to fascinating. Will the base stay home because they don't see him as a true believer? Or will they vote in large numbers against Obama (vs. for McCain)

Anonymous said...

I love getting mail from the States when I'm living abroad, but they've never been accompanied by a police officer, et en plus, an Italian one!
I was already to start a little home here in Virginia (I'm visiting my hometown at the moment) but now, I'm ready to travel again. Sometimes, I swear I'm even too much for myself. Ha!

Love reading your blog.



nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

grazie felicia! I wish I could travel but the low dollar is keep me close to home in Rome.