Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clooney, Swinton, Malkovich, McDormand and Pitt all in one movie.

Okay after yesterday's post/rant I needed something light.

Here is the trailer for the upcoming Coen brothers movie BURN AFTER READING. I love their comedies. FARGO and the BIG LEBOWSKI are hilarious. Quirky but funny. The first time I saw the latter I thought, "I don't get why everyone is laughing, are they high?" Then after catching it on cable a few times, it cracked me up every time.

I am loving this cast. I'm glad to see some grown women were cast.

What upcoming movies are you looking forward to?

p.s. Hillary is scheduled to suspend her campaign (not sure what that mean versus ending it) and is going to endorse Barack on Saturday. hmmm.


bleeding espresso said...

I always enjoy those quirky, hilarious movies the second, third, fourth times you think it's psychological? Like we're looking too hard for a point the first time around? ;)

I like Hillary, but I hope she just ends this so we can all move on and put some heat on McCain, who has gotten off *so* easy the past few months....

joanne at frutto della passione said...

okay, I laughed aloud three times during the trailer, so now I'm really looking forward to seeing this! And gearing up for our SATC night on Saturday, other than that I'll probably be dragged to see Ironman, Transformers 2 and Indiana 4 ;)

Romerican said...

That's one hell of a line-up! Can't wait to see it.

glamah16 said...

That looks great.

ninety9 said...

Uhm, I'm a complete dork. I'm excited for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" to come out. Yeah, I said it! And "The Women". I'm still trying to catch up on the Oscar-nominated films that came out last year.

As for that Hillary business, I'm not sure what's up with that. When your opponent gets the nomination, doesn't that signal to you that it's over? Now is the time to bring the party together, work together and move forward with this thang. It has been and will continue to be an interesting race.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

This looks like an amazing movie.

I'm needing laughs right now. Even Get Zohan looks good to me.

And I'm embarrassed to say I'm looking forward to Get Smart, too, as that was one of my faves growing up and I love Anne Hathaway.

Well, in terms of HC waiting until Saturday, it's always been about her, hasn't it? Not the good of the country or party, surely. Ugh.

Texas Espresso said...

HA! i was just reading about this movie yesterday. am so happy to see the trailer - it looks hilarious. I love their comedies too. in fact, my Italian and I have decided the next cat we have will be named "the dude" from the Big Lebowski.hehe

i am looking forward to the new Harry Potter, Mamma Mia (I know I'm a nerd), and the new Mummy movie (again, I know...). hehe

gibber said...

This movie looks awesome. I love jk simmons!!!!

All candidates suspend their campaigns...romney,'s so they can keep raising money to pay off their debts and staff. nothing nefarious there. But i'll be listening VERY closely to see how MUCH she endorses Obama.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

bleeding espresso - That could be it. Ha. I mean what was the point of THE BIG LEBOWSKI?

McCain has been lucky these last few weeks but now the spotlight will shift. I'm so curious to see how the conventions of both parties will play out.

joanne - The trailer cracked me up too. I hear IRONMAN is good. No comment on TRANSFORMERS. :)

romerican - I hope we get the english language version here.

glamah16 - I agree.

ninety9 - it's okay. Embrace that dorkiness. ha. I will see THE WOMEN because I'm a huge fan of the original and can't believe they remade it. I wonder how they have updated it. Eva Mendes is in the Joan Crawfold role. Hmm

I am going to wait and see what happens over the next few week. There are a lot of angry supporters of both candidate but I hope the two side can come together and defeat McCain.

jen - I hear Zohan is funny. I do like Anne Hathaway but her being cast opposite Steve Carrel bugs me. He's in his 40s she's in her early-mid 20s. In the series they were peers.

Her mom's birthday is this week so she had to deal with that. Seriously, that was the one of the reasons given. I heard Harry Reid played some hard ball and said let's move on.

texas espresso - That is a such a great name for a cat. haha.

I am going to admit something I haven't told anyone. I am also interested in seeing MAMMA MIA. Abba and Meryl Streep together. It's a must see.

gibber - thanks for that info.

The support cast rocks too. Big J.k fan as well. Thought he was great in JUNO.

Los Angelista said...

Ha! Nice trailer. I'll have to add that to my list. Speaking of Brad Pitt, I'm really looking forward to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Dark Knight, The Wackness (although I hope it doesn't prove to be "wack").

Claudia said...

oH, that looks hysterical!! Thanks for the preview!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

los angelista - I want to see Benjamin Button and Dark Knight as well. Not sure about The Wackness. Like you, I worry that it might be wack. ha

claudia - you're welcome.

Jen in NJ said...

I am looking forward to Shyamalan's The Happening, not just for the creepy story, but to see if he's still got it as a w/d. I'm sorry, but The Hulk looks the same as in Ang Lee's version, i.e. very digital, so I wonder how much 'better' this one will be and what it cost for round 2. Not too keen on Get Smart and The Guru (commercials not that funny), but am always excited to see a new Pixar movie, though doesn't WALL-E feel like such an 80's concept?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - hi! I haven't seen much about the new Pixar. I agree with you about M.Night. I am going to pass on Get Smart and The Guru. Not sure why they made a sequel to the Hulk.

wordtryst said...

'Suspend' is an interesting choice of word. Suspend until - what?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wordtryst - most campaigns do this so they can continue to raise money. She hasn't released her delegates yet. I guess she's going to wait until the convention.