Saturday, March 08, 2008

A very fun good-bye party

Last night was my big party at Maison 140. There are a few smaller dinners coming up but last night was the party. Originally I wasn't going to do anything. However, my friends said I could not leave L.A. after all this time and not do something.

My fear was it would turn into a "industry/networking" thing. I had a flashback to when we were moving up in the business as D-Boys and D-Girls (development), and would go to birthday parties with guest lists of over 300 people.

Two friends co-hosted and reserved the boutique hotel's lobby bar.

I love the decor of this place. I think it was the first commercial interior Kelly Wearstler designed. Overall around 70 or so people came. Only a few random folks showed up, including a few who want my current job. I seriously don't get why you would go to to a good-bye party for someone you don't know. I and several of my friends were horrified. Anyway I was a gracious host and just reminded myself that some people don't know where work ends and real life begins. Being a shark 24/7 must be exhauasting. One of the baby sharks was so hard core I wanted to pull her aside and tell her to freaking relax. It's a Friday night and a party. Not a networking conference.

One of my bosses couldn't make it, she was out of town but my other two colleagues were there along with our boss. He joked that I looked too happy. I almost chocked up several times while saying good-bye to friends. I told people no gifts but I did receive some. I received Eyewitness guide books for Paris, London, Milan and the Lakes, for all those weekend trips. Ha I hope I have $$$ to take some. One friend gave me the Moleskin Roma guide. I am a big Moleskin fan and have several of their journals. Speaking of journals I received a few of them, books on Italy, chocolates, a reggae mix CD, a gorgeous pen from a good writer friend and some beautiful lingerie from my friend's line. One of my cards was from two writer friends who said they wish they could give me a big bill but they are struggling writers and hopefully will used the money enclosed to pay for the tips at the airport. It was such sweet and thoughtful gesture.

One friend gave me a gift in this bag. I have no idea why the hell she still had this:

I laughed so hard when I saw the bag. Three of my friends and I went to see this terrible movie on a Friday after work. I thought it was worse than "You Got Served" because it took itself seriously. It was probably one of the best times I have ever had at the movies. My friends and I were cracking up with the other adults the entire movie. One 12 year-old screamed "IT'S NOT FUNNY!" during a very dramatic moment of Britney trying to act. Inside the bag was a photo box with card that made laugh and cry when I read it at home. We have really been through a lot during these past nine years.

The greatest present of course was that my friends came out and had a great time. I will really miss them. I was talking to a friend's fiance and he said he likes L.A, but hates that it takes a special occaision to see your friends.

Number of times someone said "Have you read EAT, PRAY, LOVE? You're like Elizabeth Gilbert. ".... too many to count. :)


glamah16 said...

Its nice to have friends that appreciate you.Will you continue writing on this blog when you get to Rome?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It sounds like a lovely party. Heartfelt goodbyes actually make it easier to start new adventures, I think. The nicest party I ever had was my goodbye party in Russia. It still makes me teary to think of it. (In a good way).

Lori Lakin Hutcherson said...

The excitement and energy infusing your impending journey is jumping through the blog and making me smile. Of course I laughed over your "Stella" comment in your earlier blog -- but as someone who was there on the front lines in '96, it was definitely real at the time! Just because love doesn't last doesn't mean it doesn't exist. People are predicting great things for you because you are doing something great! Whether or not they manifest in XY form is mere detail -- you are opening wide the doors to all possibilities. I only know French but it's all romance language so I'll end this with an "Au Revoir" and a "Bonne Chance"!

Lori Lakin Hutcherson said...

P.S. That Britney bag is classic. Your friend is a genius to have saved it.

Delina said...

What a great evening! And yes, that's a very nice bag :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

glamah 16 - Yes I will continue the blog once I move.

jen - I agree they do make it easier in the long run.

lori - Merci! Good thing thing I didn't start this blog a few year earlier. It would have been too depressing and even more snarky. Lori that's worked on Stella. Must have been very interesting. Re: the bag, every time I look this photo I cracked up.

delina - It was fun. I'm glad my friends were able to come out. The tagline on the bag is deep. :)

Texas Espresso said...

that sounds really nice! it's sad and exciting all at the same time isn't it?

odessa said...

when i left home, my close friends and i had a slumber party over at my house and we stayed up all night talking about the good ol' times.

ah, isn't it wonderful to have such good friends? i'm glad you had a great time. best of luck in rome!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

texas espresso - yes it is.

odessa - thank you!

It is great to have such good friends.