Friday, July 13, 2007

scripts, books and T.G.I.F.

Our casting session for today was held on Wednesday instead so I have this afternoon free to get some work done. I have so many scripts to catch up on. Last week was so hectic I fell behind. Agents know I'm in pre-production so I am cutting way back on reading sample scripts from this point on.

I ususally like to read one book at a time. I am reading four now. I have a sickness. I cannot walk past a magazine stand without stopping and now that habit is slipping into my book world. I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon. I would just quickly look at the first paragraph and next I knew, I was a couple chapters in. I am going to try and finish the following this week.

MARGHERITA DOLCE VITA by Stefano Benni. I am reading the english translation because I have a tough enough time trying to read CAPPUCETTO ROSSO (Litte Red Riding Hood) in Italian. Book was a hit in Italy and has received great reviews stateside. It's told from the POV of a young girl as mysterious new neighbors move into a McMansion next door, disrupting their little town. Very funny so far.

DRINKING COFFEE ELSEWHERE by ZZ Packer. This short story collection was a PEN/Faulkner finalist. Many of the stories first appeared in the New Yorker and Harpers. Brillant writer, great storyteller, with stories that touch on race, family, friendship and life in the U.S. of A. There were some passages that were so funny and/or insightful, I had to read them again and again.

GOODBYE, COLUMBUS by Philip Roth. I have read some of his later works and there is a reason he is considered one of the most gifted writers of our time. This short story collection debuted in 1959. His first book put him on the map. The story "Goodbye, Columbus", (adapted into a movie starting Ali McGraw and Richard Benjamin) is about a poor kid from Newark, NJ in love with a rich girl from Short Hills, NJ. Although they share the same ethnicity and culture (Jewish) they pretty much have nothing in common. Many of Roth's novels are set in Essex County, New Jersey (as was that other great work...The Sopranos) and I like reading about this area where I went to jr high and high school.

FALLING PALACE: A ROMANCE OF NAPLES by Dan Hofstadter. He was a contributor to the New Yorker and has written books on art. This is a more literary verson of a travel memoir. He is in love with Naples and a beautiful women but finds both very confusing. I was only able to spend one day in Naples. I would like to go back and see more of it. It was truly one of the most incredible, crazy, beautiful, messy cities I have ever been to.


Delina said...

Four books at once?!

I'd like to read that book about Naples, I'll watch out for it.

sognatrice said...

I picked up Drinking Coffee Elsewhere at a yard sale back in the States--it was an advance copy so the person must've been a reviewer. Anyway, love it. There are probably more dogeared pages than not in my copy!

And just the other day I got Philip Roth's The Human Stain from a visitor; very much looking forward to starting it.

I read books like you, many going at once...get bored easily I suppose ;)

J.Doe said...

I usually only read two at a time. Otherwise I get confused.

Italiana Americana said...

I really like the sounds of that book about Napoli --like yourself I was only there for one day but fell in love with the beautiful city which has so much character! Its dirty, its messy, its crazy but...its also unique and beautiful.

rose said...

What a small world. I also started reading Margherita Dolce Vita this past week. It was a random pick at the library. I've received strange looks on my commute because I just start to chuckle.

wordtryst said...

Been catcing up on the posts at Miss Snark that I missed, and followed your link here. I think the 'Caribbean' in your ID caught me, since I'm from Trinidad.

I've never been to Italy, but I'm fascinated by the place. I watch these movies over and over, just for the atmostphere: Under the Tuscan Sun, My House in Umbria, and The English Patient. Actually, that's just one of the reasons I watch Patient, but the atmosphere/scenery is a big part.

Interesting bunch of books you've got there. I myself could never handle more than two at a time.

Confessions of Cleopantha said...

I hear you... l am a book junky, l just love reading. As l am thinking of writing l have been reading even more books to learn about different styles of writing. Looks like l have few more to add to my list, Grazie!

Delina said...

Hey, I've finally got off my lazy a** and linked you to my blog!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

delina - It's not my normal way of reading. :)

sognatrice - let me know what you think of the Human Stain.

j. doe- yes for me it's usually one at a time. Perhaps in the future I should not even pick up a book until I'm done with the current one I'm reading.

italiana americana - It was the strangest feeling being in Naples. I was almost overwhelmed by the energy. Cannot wait to go back.

rose - I can't remember which magazine I saw the write up. It was the first time I heard about the book. I am enjoying the read.

wordtryst - thanks for stopping by. I like your photo. I went to Italy for the first time in 2005. Haven't been the same since.

confessions - you're welcome. I am shocked when I meet people who say they want to write but they don't read. It's like people in the film biz, who don't watch movies.

delina (part II) - grazie.