Thursday, July 26, 2007

The number one topic in Hollywood today

Was not the possibility of a strike for a change but Ms. Lohan's latest DUI arrest. This is not funny. The woman just got out of rehab 11 days ago. She could have killed herself and/or someone else.

It's sad to see someone fall apart. Her acting career for the time being is over because no company will insure her.

I hope she can get it together like Drew Barrymore or Robert Downey Jr. Maybe she should go to a non-Hollywood type rehab place, take a few years off and go to school, travel or something. This atmosphere is toxic even for those with strong family ties and confidence. For those who don't have a foundation it can be deadly.


Giulia said...

Wow, how sad. I read about it yesterday. Something about her assistant quitting and Lindsay getting into a fight with her former assistant's Mother? Too much drama for that girl. She needs to go to a secluded island and just chill sans the drugs/alcohol. Stardom is not for everyone.

Janet said...

Hi -- catching up with you this afternoon.

We heard about her here, and I also read about the country singer (Mindy somebody?) who has been arrested, I think? Also, didn't Britney give a bizarre interview to Britain's "OK" magazine as well?

So sad for them. Money/fame just doesn't bring happiness automatically, does it?

I'm happy to be very UNfamous!

Take care of yourself...


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

giulia - she like Britney need to move somewhere nice and quiet. However, they like the drama so I don't see them moving anytime soon.

janet - Hello there. I don't know who Mindy is.

Yes she did give a very strange interview. They are not going to publish the photos but they did tell the press how horrific her behavior was. I guess it was win-win for them...they declined to pay her 1 million and they still got some press.