Friday, July 01, 2011

Flashback Friday - New Kids On The Block - "Please Don't Go Girl"

Am I the last person in America to know NKOTB is teaming up with BSB for an album and a tour?

It seems we don't have any boy bands out there now. Are the Jonas Brothers still recording? This is a sad situation.

While no boy band in history will EVER top the Jackson 5 or the Osmond Brothers, I thought NKOTB, New Edition, BSB and N'Sync had some great pop hits.

I haven't seen this video in years. I forgot Rebecca Romijn was in it.

Happy 4th of July to those of you Stateside. Buon weekend.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Oh Joey Joe! What a lovely Friday treat...buon weekend! xx

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

After watching that, I just have to add -- goodness remember when songs/videos for teenagers were so *innocent* like that?! They're all covered up, no cleavage, uber tight clothes, short skirts, no dirty lyrics, just exchanging embarrassed glances at an amusement park. *le sigh* I'm old. Get off my lawn! :D

Jannelle said...

BSB & NKOTB were in concert in Phoenix last night. I didn't know until the day of the concert. I wish I could have gone. I love them, well I love NKOTB more than BSB. I had a huge NKOTB button that I pinned on my backpack, but someone stole it. I had a Donnie doll that always ended up naked when my brother played with it. I watched the cartoon every Saturday morning. I'm glad they reunited, it's a great blast from the past.

Viajera said...

Aaaarghhhhhhhhh! Noooo! I was the only person in school who HATED them! Yes, I was that weirdo. lol I was seriously glad when they broke up, disappeared...not sure what happened, but thank god it did. ;)

Paola said...

Well. One of my cousins (in NY) ADORES NKOTB and she even went on cruise with them last year, she is MAD about whatshisname ... (had to go google them) Jordan Knight ... WILD I tell you.
Me? I don't know one song. But you have to hand it to them, they're still here.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Michelle - I know what you mean! I guess those songs would be considered "corny" by many of today's tweens and teenagers.

Jannelle - I can't believe someone stole your NKOTB button. That's straight up mean.

viajera - ha! I feel the same way about Kesha. Why is she popular? She cannot sing!!!

paola - That is hard core. She went on a cruise? She's a true fan.

Moi said...

I loved Joey's hook. So sweet-- and had no idea that RR was in the video! but then again, I 've never seen that video. As for the KNOTBSB or whatever the letters are, I am all Kevin, all BSB...dang, I missed them

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

moi - I agree, that is a nice hook. You and my sister, BIG BSB fans.