Monday, April 25, 2011

Jumping The Broom Mondays - What's Your Favorite Wedding Movie?

On Friday, Prince William and Catherine Middleton are getting married. The global TV audience for the royal wedding will be massive... more than the Superbowl, the Olympics or the World Cup.

Do you plan to watch the wedding? What are some of your favorite wedding movies?

Here are some of mine:

The Philadelphia Story
The Best Man
Four Weddings And A Funeral
The Wedding Crashers
The Princess Bride
The Wedding Singer
The Wedding Date
My Best Friend's Wedding

Thanks to Yvonne's comment, I'm adding Monsoon Wedding and Muriel's Wedding to my list. Can't believe I forgot them.


gibber said...

I refuse to wake up that early to watch the wedding. I'm sure they will run recaps ALL DAY. I can't believe the amount of coverage this is getting here. It's sort of driving me insane. I just want to see her dress!

What, no Bride Wars? SATC? LOL. The Princess Bride is such an epic movie. Definitely one of my favorites! And after May 6, Jumping the Broom will be the best wedding movie of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Yvonne said...

Besides Jumping the Broom? ;-P

I am completely 'meh' re: the royal wedding, but God bless those crazy kids.

Ooh, you hit four of my wedding movie favorites:

- Four Weddings And A Funeral
- The Wedding Singer
- The Wedding Date
- My Best Friend's Wedding

But I also adore these more off-the-beaten-path big-screen nuptials:

- Muriel's Wedding
- The Marrying Man
- Monsoon Wedding
- Betsy's Wedding
- My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I am also a complete sucker for any movie about divorced or separated couples reuniting (My Favorite Wife, The Awful Truth, The Women). But that's another post! ;-P

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - No big time difference here. I am very curious about zee dress.

Funny, I don't think of SATC as a wedding movie, but I guess it is. hmmm

Yvonne - ha. How could I forget Monsoon Wedding and Muriel's Wedding? I'm a sucker for couples reuniting movies as well. So much hope. sigh.

ms_tracilynn said...

I cannot wait to watch the Royal Wedding. I saw Princess Di and Prince Charles and couldn't wait until I got married. get married on TV as a preteen and I absolutely love The Best Man, Bride Wars, My Best Friend's Wedding and Father of the Bride.

erin said...

wait has no one mentioned Father of the Bride?? I love that dad and I always said we'd watch it the night before my wedding, and we did- just us 2 after everyone was in bed. tear fest.

Paola said...

For some reason as I read your question one movie popped into my mind: Monster in law.
But there many others I enjoyed which are in your list.
And Meet the parents?

J.Doe said...

My favorite wedding movie was Mamma Mia! with Meryl Streep. The scenery was breathtaking.
As for this royal Wedding, I agree with gibber. There is way too much coverage.
When I was younger I woke up very early to see Prince Charles and Lady Di get married. This time there is no way I would either get up that early or watch the wedding in primetime US TV like Im sure it will be.
Can I say ZZzz?

gibber said...

Now I have Dancing Queen in my head. Muriel's wedding was AWESOME.

Hot Swimming dude: "I'm South African"

Mureil: "Oh, are you black?"

HSD: *stares incredulously*


gibber said...

hahaha. Monster-in-law was an underrated movie. It definitely brought the LOLs.

Italianissima said...

The Wedding Singer makes me laugh out loud every time! I also like The Wedding Planner - as cheesy as it was (and terrible to cast Justin Chambers as an Italian) but I love JLO and Matt McConaughey. There I said it LOL!

coco cooks said...

You picked them all!I need a netflix marathon while the mans away. LOL

charlie said...

We're having a British street party to celebrate (at the Buca di Bacco from 7.30pm in Positano) if anyone wants to join!

Anna said...

what about "When in Rome"?:) it's also a wedding movie

Ylenia said...

you know, I am working from home on Friday to be able to see the Roayl wedding on TV and do not miss a thing!!!!

♥ Ylenia
from longuette

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracilynn - I watched the Charles/Diana wedding too.

paolo - Wait, I can't remember the wedding in Meet The Parents. Monster-in-Law had some very funny moments.

j. doe - I agree. The exterior scenery in Mamma Mia! was gorgeous!!

gibber - ha. A similar joke was in Mean Girls.

italissima - I thought J.Lo and Matthew had good chemistry but Justin's horrific Italian accent took me completely out of the movie. Seriously.

coco - ha. What, your man won't watch with you?

charlie - that sounds like a blast. I really to need to make it back to Positano soon.

anna - haven't seen it but read the script a while ago. I don't think of it as a wedding movie, but as a romantic comedy.

ylenia - Mllions of people around the globe will be doing the same thing.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - It's funny I've seen both the original and the remake but they're not movies I watch again and again. I don't know why as I'm very close to my dad. Oh I know, it's because I can't related as I'm never getting married. :)

Kim B. said...

I think immediately of Love Actually . . .

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kim b - interesting, I think of that movie as a holiday film not a wedding movie.

fail_safe said...

Hi ragazza,

Congratulations on your upcoming movie! I used to follow your blog and then life happened (leaving graduate school, getting married, getting a new job, leaving my job). Now I've recently moved to St. Martin where my husband has been working. Good to see a local girl make it. Congratulations once again!

Tracie P. said...

monsoon wedding is definitely at the top of my list!