Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Renato e Luisa restaurant

My first trip to this restaurant in my area was with my infamous Italian friend, G, and a friend of ours who was visiting from L.A.
I wish I had written down what we ate it was so freaking good. We ordered three of the daily specials. I remember there was one fish dish, a ravioli dish and a spaghetti dish with a tomato based sauce.

We barely spoke as we were too busy eating. The restaurant was packed and the service a little scattered. We didn't mind. The food was worth the wait. The crowd was a mix of locals and tourists. The restaurant is located on a side street near Largo Argentina. It's tiny. There are only a few tables.

Renato e Luisa
Quelli della Taverna
Via dei Barbieri, 25


spacedlaw said...

Have you tried Da Sergio, vicolo delle grotte?

Jess said...


Dear gods, I'd like to visit Italy again please.

Thank you.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

spacedlaw - no, I haven't.

Jess - I hope your wish comes true. :)