Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup 2010....I would hate to be Robert Green

The British press (and fans) are ripping him a new one for his goalie mistake in the England vs. USA game. His error is considered one of the worst in World Cup history. I have a feeling he's going to be replaced. I don't think England or USA played particular well. What the heck is up with USA uniforms? Me no like.

Germany...who knew? They spanked Australia 4-0

Ghana was the first African team to win a match and Cameroon is considered one of the strongest teams from the continent. They also have one of the best nicknames in the tournament...The Indomitable Lions.

The defending champs, Italy, are so under the radar it's hilarious. I was watching CNN International and of of the French players said people really need to stop underestimating Italy. Many say the squad is too old and with Pirlo out it's going to be ugly. We'll see, the Azzuri play tonight.

I'm glad I didn't get the SKY package for the tournament. I have to work and can't spend all afternoon and evening watching football/calcio/soccer. I have to pick which games to watch at my local bar.

And it goes without saying some of the player are fiiiiiione, oh mio Dio! That isn't the reason I watch the "beautiful game" of course, just an added bonus.

I was watching African Voices on CNN Int'l. They've been running specials on the World Cup for the last year. I got chocked up during the interviews with locals about what hosting the Cup meant to them. I'm glad to see some good news for a change. While the continent has its problems, there's more to the Motherland than war, disease and famine.


Balanced Melting Pot said...

I have been watching the World Cup since 1998, and this is by far the most exciting. It feels like the teams are better qualified and that there's an added pride because it's being hosted in South Africa. Even though the saying is "In soccer, the ball is round for everybody", I hope that an African team is holding the trophy on July 11th.

Viajera said...

Yeah, he lost the ball, but GOD!! I just don't think it was such a big mistake in terms of football. The ball came hard and he got a handle on it, but the velocity... LOL! Maybe I'm wrong, but they need to get over it, cuz as you've said, neither team was playing at gold standard. They should just keep blaming the ball and move on.

Sorry that Cameroon lost, actually. They played a steady game. Glad that Japan FINALLY scored a World Cup goal.

Yes, there are some damn fine men on the teams. Damn fine! ;)

J.Doe said...

Maybe it's only because I don't understand the rules of the game but I don't see what Robert Green of the UK team did that was so much worse than what the American goalie did when the UK scored. They both let the ball go into the goal net They both are supposed to block any ball getting near the net. They both didn't do that at least one time. So why is one (Robert Green) so much worse than the other?
I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I have to watch the game this time around on "mute" The horn noise drives me batty!
I do love the game, the finesse, and pure physical endurance the athletes have and yes, some of the most delicious looking men.

Ms. Violetta

princesasabia said...

Sucks to be him. I'm disappointed with those Italians today. Im rooting for Brazil! I hope they will win, but Spain and Germany are very good. I dont think an African team will win. There are only six of them. Usually the teams with players from the top leagues in the world are most likely to win. Well there will be other cups that an African team might win.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

bmp - I'm curious to see how Ghana will do in their group.

viajera - Bummed that Cameroon lost as well. Re: Green, the British press is showing no mercy. Poor chap.

j. doe - I think it's because Robert did block the ball but lost it. The look on his face when it bounce off his mitts was so sad. If England wins the group maybe people will forget about his mistake.

ms. violetta - I hear on the field the noise is insane. I wonder if FIFA will do something now that players and coaches are complaining.

princesasabia - Brazil and Spain are the favorites. After Germany's win over Australia, folks are definitely paying attention. Italy always starts out slow. I hope there's a method to their madness. ha