Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love André Leon Talley

I stopped watching ANTM because Ty Ty got on my nerves. Also, let's get really, most of the winners do not become a mid-level model, much less a top one.

I read the Italian version is one of the most realistic. I believe it. The contestants on that version look like they could actually have a modeling career.

When I heard ALT was going to be the show, I was so excited. I saw clips of the first episode and can't wait for the show to air here. The panel discussions for this cycle are going to be hilarious. I noticed Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker was giving André the side-eye.

One of my friends gave me ALT's autobiography as a gift. It was very interesting to read about his upbringing. I wish he had opened up a little more, but I can understand why he was a little guarded.

In the book he mentioned how he was shunned by the Jack and Jill set (he was too dark and too poor). I wonder if he runs into those people on his trips back home.

I know some people like to dismiss him and fashion as being silly. I love that he has passion for what he does. He's a very smart man and I have much respect for someone who is curious about the world.

ALT was raised by his grandmother who worked as a maid. This was back in the day in North Carolina. She did not have an easy life. However, she inspired his appreciation for beauty, had style, manners and dignity.

ALT also talks about Diana Vreeland, who was the other major influence in his life.

Yes he's a little larger than life but so what? He's a big, tall, gay, black man with a Masters in French from Brown, who grew up in the Jim Crow south. Of course he's going to stand out. Why not do it wearing a fabulous cape?

This CLIP from a recap on, cracked me up. Perhaps one day I will own a home with a sal-on. ha


glamah16 said...

A few months ago I was walking through through the lobby at work and see this man sitting down . I stopped , did a double take, and realized it was him. I ran over and just started babbling nonsense and apologizing for how I was dressed(LOL), but he was so nice and cool . LOVE THAT MAN.

Anonymous said...

Glamah I am glad you had a good experience with him. When I was an intern at Neiman Marcus I had the chance to meet him. He was really rude. However, I like him on ANTM..

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Anything in the arts that reflects great passion is NOT frivolous! And what a great role model he is on so many levels.


What is the name of the biography? I'd be interested in reading it - I'm really needing some divergent reading material right now - not saying this is, but I don't often read biographies and this seems like I'd really enjoy it.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

glamah16 - that's so random that you saw him in the lobby. great story.

oi - he was? Maybe he was in a bad mood.

jen - the bio is called Andre Leon Talley. He's on the cover wearing a tux, looking very pensive. The shoes are bananas. I've been reading A LOT of non-fiction lately. I need to mix it up.

Kim B. said...

Your whole penultimate paragraph is worth the price of admission!! Hilarious. Interesting to hear a bit more about him. I've only seen him floating through the pages of Vanity Fair but don't know that much about him.

GGirl2 said...

I am really enjoying him on the show. He has brought another level with his knowledge and it is a treat to see things through his experienced eyes. He is also hilarious!

gibber said...

Now you know I LOVE me some antm. But the addition of alt has made this show frakkin awesome!!! He is so funny, feirce and honest. And, if you notice, he has tamed a bit of ty ty's cra cra. She's not as outrageous at panel as she usually is. And I think miss jay is better suited to runway coaching anyway (she is so pretty!)

I think this might be the best season talent wise. A lot of these girls have some potential.

Felicia S. said...

He tells it like it truly is in the fashion business. Love that they've added him to the show. They needed him.

Anonymous said...

maybe NYC. It left a bad taste in mouth. However I have gotten glimpses of the Italian version of the show and there is no way to get it here.. booo..I guess I'll catch up once I arrive

janavi said...

He is quite the character- should add a lot to the show. I have seen him around & always thought he seemed intimidating, maybe because he is sooo tall.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kim b - I read he had lunch with Rachel Maddow and wish I could have been there.

ggirl2 - He is. His made up words (ala dreckitude) are classic.

gibber - I've noticed that. In past cycles the show was too much about Ty Ty, like her talk show.

felicia - yes he does.

oi - It's on SKY Uno here.

janavi - He is very tall. A lot of his clothes are custom made.

Anonymous said...

Finally ANTM is watchable again! I love the side-eye from Nigel (he's been thinking he's the "alpha" for much too long). And I love ALT's frenchisms and that he actually has a real sense of what it takes to be a model - he has a great eye. And yes, it does seem that TyTy has really mellowed since he joined the panel...she was just unbearable to watch. Yay, ALT!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

anon - I never even heard of Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker until the show. It's not like he's Mr. Meisel. He needs to relax. ha

Sincerely Me said...

I love watching him on ANTM!! He's made it more exciting to watch...definitely!

Hey follow me.........

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sincerely - yes he has.