Thursday, December 25, 2008

Flashback Friday (on Thursday) – Donny Hathaway - "This Christmas"

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Merry Christmas!

I just returned from a looooong Christmas lunch. My friend D. is a fantastic cook. Lunch was delicious and very fun.

There is no video, just audio and Donny's photo but I love this song so much. I know Chris Brown did a remake. Whatever. No one can touch the original.

Last year I was alone in Los Angeles on Christmas Day. It was very depressing. Every single person I knew was out of town.

What a difference a year makes. I miss my family but my first Christmas in Rome (like Donny sings) was a very special Christmas for me.


Kim B. said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas lunch and are in a better 'place' this Christmas than last. I think you wrote about your 'house' goal while I was homeless and internet-less . . .that is, I read it on the fly but never got to comment. Just wanted to say I love that goal and am happy you cried it out loud. May 2009 bring you many blessings!

homebody at heart said...

My favorite and signature Donny Hathaway song is his duet with Roberta Flack, Where is the Love...hmmm? Glad you had a lovely Christmas. I just cannot wait for this year to end and for new and better beginnings with the new year!

girasoli said...

I am glad you had a special Christmas in Rome this year. I was thinking about you today. Great song. I never knew who sang it before.

dorina said...

oooohhhh, that was beautiful. thanks for posting it and merry christmas!

Diana said...

ragazza, so happy that this year was a nicer Christmas for you! I was wondering how you were doing this year in Rome, but sounds like you had a great day. Isn't it great to have friends that can cook :) Here's to a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2009.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I love this song... and love Donny Hathaway.

I'm so glad it was a lovely Christmas for you in Roma!

Anonymous said...

Happy for you lady!
Going to Paris tomorrow to bring in the New Year with someone oh so special!

Happy New Year in advance!

Felicia, This Time Now

Petulia said...

I am so happy to hear you had a good time! What did you eat? And by the way, I love this song. Thanks for posting it

sdg1844 said...

Merry Christmas! Classic Donny. No one can touch him. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kim b - thank you. I hope the same for you.

homebody at heart - I love that duet too. Yeah for the new year.

girasoli - the song always puts me in the holiday spirit.

dorina - you're welcome!

diana - yes here is to a great 2009.

jen - poor Donny. He is missed.

felicia - hope you are having a great time in Paris.

petulia - roast potatoes, turkey, salad etc. (and lots of wine..ha)

sdg1844 - Merry Christmas to you too. Donny was crazy talented. What a voice.