Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trailer for the movie TRAITOR

Below is the trailer for the movie I worked on last summer. Opens in the U.S. on August 27th. I don't have any international dates yet.

I really enjoyed working on the film (except for the two days we spent shooting in an underground garage. Can we say toxic fumes?) and hope it does well.

During my Toronto posts I spoke about what a great cast and crew we had. Given our budget restraints I think the movie looks amazing. This was screenwriter Jeff Nachmanoff's directorial debut. Overture, an independent studio, financed the movie.

I remember the day my boss and I went to breakfast in Santa Monica to meet with Jeff. Originally the studios were looking for a director. It's very hard to get that first break to direct. Jeff was so clear and passionate about how he would make the movie. Jeff Silver came on board to produce (Hoberman/Lieberman the other producers had two other movies going) and off we went (with a few bumps) to Toronto.

I learned a lot on this movie. There are many people who don't really get what a producer does. Jeff S. is REAL producer. The movie shot in several countries, smaller budget (under 24 million), first time director, first project for a new studio and he was on point. So on top of things. He's off producing Terminator 4 right now. I likes that he works on big action movies like "300" but then also can work on smaller more character driven films. Most people can't.

Jeff S. asked me when I arrived in Toronto what I hoped to gain from the experience. Who knew then that working on the film would send me in the direction of writing full time and moving to Rome?


Los Angelista said...

WOW, that looks really good! I can't wait to see it. How exciting that you got to work on it. Just think, one day someone will be producing your script!

joanne at frutto della passione said...

Strange things are happening with the computer in the office and for some reason I can't watch the video. I'll try and watch it tonight, but I'm flying out tomorrow morning and may not have much time. I wanted to comment though to tell you that I will keep my eyes open for it!

Camille Acey said...

This looks fantastic. I will be going to the states on holiday at the end of the month and will try to catch it. I love reading about your work. I used to be passionate about film and spent a few years in NYC working on projects and then got kinda bored and disillusioned. I am glad I can enjoy it vicariously through you! :)

Maria from Philly said...

Finally a movie worth going to see :-) It looks awesome! I'll have to plan a date night with my husband and get a babysitter!

Diana said...

That looks FANTASTIC!! Wow!! It looks smart and suspenseful. I will get it for the rooms on dvd when it comes out.

erin :: the olive notes said...

oh i just love movies like this...who's side is he on?!?!

I always wondered what movie it was that you were working on there. I'll definitely have to see it :)

gibber said...

woohoo! looks fantastic, seestor.

Texas Espresso said...

cool - i have seen the trailer several times and was somewhat intrigued. I really like Don Cheadle - I think hes a good actor. I didn't know you had worked on this one - makes it all the more appealing. =)

Anonymous said...

Anything with Don Cheadle is worth seeing. Good that I'll get to see it before leaving the country again.

Thanks for the heads-up!


glamah16 said...

This film looks incredible. You should be proud to be associated with it.I can see theman and I both agreeing to watch this one!

Di Mackey said...

Hey, congratulations! This looks interesting, in a good way :)

And best of all ... well it got you to Rome!

Nancy - Girl in Giro said...

Congratulations! I am sure that when I watch the movie I will be thinking about all your Toronto blogs! Complimenti ancora...

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I saw an ad for this the other day. It looks fabulous. Great cast, indeed.

I'm really excited to see it.


heartsandflowers said...

Oh cool. I was planning on seeing this as Don is starring in it and this could be his break out role. And see I haven't even seen the Dark Knight yet. I usually use my discount movie passes as I don't find most movies worth the $11 price but I'll go see it on the opening night. This one and the movie with Keke Palmer and Ice Cube - just to support her.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

los angelista - I hope that day comes soon. ha.

joanne - grazie and have a good trip.

camille - ha. I understand. Working on this movie def. helped recharged my creative juices.

maria - thank you. Hope you enjoy the movie.

diana - grazie mille.

erin - I didn't feel comfortable going into too many details while we were shooting since this didn't start out as a film industry blog. Now that I work for myself I can talk a little more about industry stuff.

gibber - thanks seestor.

texas - Don is one of my favorite actors. I would say that even if I didn't work with him.

felicia - you're welcome.

glamah16 - It was a great experience working on the film, and yes I am proud to have my name on the poster. :)

di mackey - thank you!

nancy - grazie mille!

jen - thank you. We lucked out with our cast. It wasn't easy. We had a casting director in L.A. and in London.

heartsandflowers - I hear you. Movies were so expensive in L.A. I see why many families wait until the DVD comes out.

odessa said...

congrats! the trailer looks very good. i'm a movie geek and i love watching small films with unforgetable characters. will definitely go and watch this one.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

odessa - thanks. I hope you enjoy the movie.

Sherry said...

That is SO awesome that you worked on this movie. My hubby and I have been eagerly anticipating it as we both love Don Cheadle - he's an exceptional actor. Kudos to you!

carol said...

Wow, you worked with Don Cheadle? I think he's amazing. I remember that once you said you worked with Spike Lee, and how in the US they don't appreciate him and in Italy he's a big deal. Well, he's very respected here in Brazil too, and at that time I thought you must be a great professional, as you had the chance to work with someone like him. And now you worked with Don Cheadle! That's just awesome. :) I hope the movie comes out in theaters here in Brazil! I would sure love to see it. :)

Baci nel cuore!

Lucia said...

It looks awesome...but I haven't seen anything for it. Will be out at the TIFF? I'm thinking of going down to Yorkville to catch a glimpse of celebrity. Maybe I'll run into Pitt and Clooney!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sherry - grazie. hope you enjoy the film.

carol - not sure what the theatrical international release will be but I assume it will be available on DVD at some point.

lucia - it's not out in Canada yet. It's not playing at TIFF. Have a great time at the festival. Last year I did see Clooney at TIFF. Photos do not do him justice! ha