Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday - Heavy D & The Boyz "Somebody For Me"

R.I.P. Mr. D.

When I heard Heavy D died last week from pneumonia at 44, I couldn't believe it.

Dwight Arrington Meyers was born in Jamaica (Caribbean represent!) and raised in the NYC suburb of Mount Vernon. He was very popular in the late '80s and the '90s.

Not only was he a successful rapper, he played a big role behind the scenes as well. As President of Uptown Records he hired a young Sean "Puff" Combs as an intern and guided the early career of Mary J. Blige. He collaborated on too many hits to list. Like Janet Jackson's "Alright" and the theme song to "In Living Color." He was also an actor.

Here's one of my favorites from 1989. Man, most rap was so innocent back then. You had your fun/party rap and your more political/social conscious rap like P.E., instead of the sexist super materialistic crap that dominates hip-hop now.

This video cracks me up. Check out the high-top fade haircuts and Al B. Sure!

Have a great weekend.


Viajera said...

Man, I loved Heavy D as a kid! I had no idea he did the 'In Living Color' song! And lol @ the fade. I had SUCH a crush on Al B Sure. Man, I'm getting old. :)

Unknown said...

It was so sad to hear about Heavy D's passing. I loved "Black Coffee" and his guest rap on Levert's "Just Coolin'". RIP Heavy D and Gerald and Sean Levert.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

viajera - I bought Al B Sure's debut album... on cassette.

monique - I still don't believe it.